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Proceedings of the 11th International Modelica Conference 2015


The Modelica Conference is the main event for users, library developers, tool vendors and language designers to share their knowledge and learn about the latest scientific and industrial progress related to Modelica and to the Functional Mock-up Interface.

The proceedings are available as:

  • Modelica 2015 proceedings page hosted by The Modelica Association containing the conference material with all accepted conference abstracts as well as the submitted full proceedings papers corresponding to regular presentations or poster presentations. The papers are available with one paper per pdf-file, as well as all papers assembled together in one pdf-file proceedings book.
  • One zip-file (size: 159 MiB) containing the same content as the HTML version of the proceedings hosted by Modelica Association above.
  • A mirror of the proceedings and paper PDF's is hosted at Linköping University Electronic Press.


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