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Formatting Guidelines

Guidelines for the formatting of Modelica Conference Papers

Please note the new maximum acceptable length of the full paper is 10 pages (can be extended up to 15 pages).


The formatting guidelines for the Modelica Conference papers are listed here.

  • File format: The final paper should be sent in Adobe PDF. Please embed all fonts in your final paper to avoid problems.
  • Language: The paper has to be written in English.
  • Page format and margins: Please use A4-size paper. Margins are left and right 1.8 cm, top and bottom 2.5 cm Justify text at the left and right margins. Paper layout should be 2 column.

·         Detailed formatting instructions are available in the paper templates. The following is just a summary.

  • Page numbers and header/footer: Do not use any page numbers, headings, or footer lines. However, footers from references in the text (not footer lines) are allowed.
  • Typeface: For the main text of your paper, use 10.5 pt Times New Roman, Times Roman type or the nearest equivalent font. Do not use any other fonts in your document except Courier or Courier New for verbatim code. Verbatim code in Courier font in separate paragraphs should be 9pt, whereas verbatim code snippets inserted within ordinary text paragraphs should have 9.5 pt size.
  • First page: At the top margin, type the title of your paper (use 17 pt size boldface Times New Roman). Titles should not exceed three lines. Leave a space and type the author's name, organization and address. The authors name(s) should be in 12pt font, the organization and address lines should be in 10.5 pt font; but email addresses should be in 9.5pt Courier New font.
  • Abstract: Following the author's name and address, type the abstract of your paper. Use 12 pt bold for the heading. Your abstract should be 100 to 150 words and should be an informative, self-explanatory summary of the paper.
  • Keywords: After abstract, type some Keywords describing the content of your paper, using Italics characters. Try not to exceed 2 lines.
  • Headings and subheadings: Use 12 pt boldface for headings, 11 pt boldface for subheadings, and 10 pt boldface for subsubheadings.
  • Figures and tables: Figures and tables should be inserted into the the text just after they are mentioned in the text. Include a caption for each figure/table. Number the figures and tables as they appear in the text (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc). Type figure captions below the figure. Type table captions above the table.
  • The proceedings will only be published in electronic form, so you can include color pictures; however, be aware that readers could print them using black&white laser printers, so the diagrams should also look reasonable when printed in grayscale. Use at least 10 or 11 pt font size for text in the figures (e.g. labels or legends), since it may become unreadable if the paper is resized for printing.
  • References: At the end of your paper, include a list of references. Make sure that every reference is cited in the text, e.g. as (Pantelides, 1988).
  • Length of paper: The minimum requested length for papers is 4 pages. The maximum acceptable length is 10 pages. However, since we no longer provide hard copies of the proceedings, we'll accept full papers up to 15 pages, if the authors have very good reasons to exceed the 10-page limit.


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