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List of Accepted Posters

1. Generic FMI-compliant Simulation Tool Coupling
Edmund Widl and Wolfgang Müller
2. Modelling and Simulation of the passive Structure of a 5-Axis-Milling Machine with rigid and flexible bodies for evaluating the static and dynamic behaviour
Michael Schneider, Anton Haumer and Rupert Köckeis

3. Simulating a Variable-structure Model of an Electric Vehicle for Battery Life Estimation Using Modelica/Dymola and Python
Moritz Stüber
4. A Power-Based Model of a Heating Station for District Heating (DH) System Applications
Abdulrahman Dahash, Annette Steingrube and Mehmet Elci
5. FMI and IP protection of models: A survey of use cases and support in the standard
Erik Durling, Elias Palmkvist and Maria Henningsson

6. Modeling and simulation of complex ThermoSysPro model with OpenModelica - Dynamic Modeling of a combined cycle power plant
Baligh El Hefni and Daniel Bouskela

7. Modeling and Simulation on Environmental and Thermal Control System of Manned Spacecraft
Sun Lefeng, Jin Jian, Chen Liping, Liu Wei, Zhou Fanli and Liu Qi
8. Model Reduction Techniques Applied to a Physical Vehicle Model for HiL Testing
Romain Gillot, Alessandro Picarelli, Mike Dempsey and Stephen Gallagher

9. Towards Virtual Validation of ECU Software using FMI
Lars Mikelsons and Roland Samlaus
10. Rotating Machinery Library for Diagnosis
Tatsuro Ishibashi, Bing Han and Tadao Kawai
11. PDEModelica and Breathing in an Avalanche
Jan Šilar, Filip Ježek and Jiří Kofránek
12. Failure Modes of Tearing and a Novel Robust Approach
Ali Baharev, Arnold Neumaier and Hermann Schichl
13. Multirotor Aerial Vehicle modeling in Modelica
Muhamed Kuric, Nedim Osmic and Adnan Tahirovic
14. EMOTH The EMobility Library of OTH Regensburg
Alexander Grimm and Anton Haumer
15. Towards Adjoint and Directional Derivatives in FMI utilizing ADOL-C within OpenModelica
Willi Braun, Kshitij Kulshreshtha, Rüdiger Franke, Bernhard Bachmann and Andrea Walther
16. Model-based virtual sensors by means of Modelica and FMI
Mikel Gonzalez Cocho, Oscar Salgado, Jan Croes, Bert Pluymers and Wim Desmet

17. Large Scale Training through Spoken Tutorials to Promote and use OpenModelica
Kannan Moudgalya, Bhargava Nemmaru, Kaushik Datta, Priyam Nayak, Rahul Jain, Peter Fritzson and Adrian Pop

18. Dymola-JADE Co-Simulation for Agent-Based Control in Office Spaces
Ana Constantin, Artur Löwen, Ferdinanda Ponci, Kristian Huchtemann and Dirk Müller

19. Parameter Estimation based on FMI
Rüdiger Kampfmann, Danny Mösch and Nils Menager


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