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Modelica 2019 Schedule

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Program Monday afternoon

Time/Room S054S051 S053, S052, S059, S157, S159, S101, S103
13:30-16:00Industrial User Presentations FMI+DCP+SSP Industrial User Presentations LANG+LIB Tutorials
Time/Room S054, S051, S053, S052, S057
17:00-19:15Vendor Sessions
Time/Room Mensa
19:30 Welcome Reception

Scientific Program Tuesday

Time/Room S054S051 S053S052
09:00-09:45Welcome, Modelica News
09:45-10:30Keynote 1
11:00-12:15Session 1A: Buildings 1 Session 1B: Power & Energy 1 Session 1C: FMI 1 Session 1D: Automotive 1
13:45-15:00Session 2A: Buildings 2 Session 2B: Power & Energy 2 Session 2C: FMI 2 Session 2D: Electrical Power 1
Time/Room Forum Building K
15:30-17:00Poster Session
Time/Room S054S051S053S052
17:00-18:40Session 3A: HVAC Session 3B: Language Session 3C: Mechanics & Transport Session 3D: New Applications
Time/Room Castle of Emmeram
20:00 Conference Dinner

Scientific Program Wednesday

Time/Room S054S051 S053S052
08:30-09:15Keynote 2
09:30-10:45Session 4A: Power & Energy 3 Session 4B: Automotive 2 Session 4C: Aerospace Session 4D: Numerical Methods
11:15-12:30Session 5A: Buildings 3 Session 5B: Power & Energy 4 Session 5C: Thermodynamic 1 Session 5D: Electrical Power 2
14:00-15:15Session 6A: Buildings 4 Session 6B: Thermodynamic 2 Session 6C: Tools Session 6D: Automotive 3
15:30-15:45Closing Session

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