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Modelica and the Modelica Association

Different Views of Modelica Modelica® is a non-proprietary, object-oriented, equation based language to conveniently model complex physical systems containing, e.g., mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, thermal, control, electric power or process-oriented subcomponents. See also, overview in pdf, ppt format and Modelica Language Specification 3.4.

Modelica Libraries with a large set of models are available (overview, details and download). Especially, the open source Modelica Standard Library contains about 1600 model components and 1350 functions from many domains.

Modelica Simulation Environments are available commercially and free of charge, such as CATIA Systems, Dymola, LMS AMESim,, MapleSim, OpenModelica, SCICOS, SimulationX, and Wolfram SystemModeler. Modelica models can be imported conveniently into Simulink using export features of Dymola, MapleSim, and SimulationX.

Issues (bugs, improvement suggestions, etc.) to the Modelica Language can be reported via the Modelica issue tracking system and to the Modelica Standard Library via the GitHub issue system.

Services for the Modelica community are provided here: newsletter, free educational material, mailing lists, over 400 freely downloadable papers, training course offers, consultants offers, job offerings and student work.

The Modelica Association is a non-profit organization with members from Europe, U.S.A., Canada and Asia. Since 1996, its simulation experts have been working to develop the open standard Modelica and the open source Modelica Standard Library.

Industry is increasingly using Modelica for model based development. Especially, many automotive companies, such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Toyota, VW use Modelica to design energy efficient vehicles and/or improved air conditioning systems. Also power plant providers, such as ABB, EDF, Siemens use Modelica, as well as many other companies.

Research projects within Europe spend 75 Mill. € in the years 2007-2015 to further improve Modelica and Modelica related technology. This is performed within the ITEA2 projects EUROSYSLIB, MODELISAR, OPENPROD, and MODRIO (see newsletter 2009-1).


In the text above the following trademarks are referenced:
AMESim® is a registered trademark of LMS
CATIA® and Dymola® are registered trademarks of Dassault Systèmes.
MapleSim® is a trademark of Waterloo Maple Inc.
Modelica® is a registered trademark of the Modelica Association.
SimulationX® is a registered trademark of ESI ITI GmbH.
Simulink® is a registered trademark of The Mathworks Inc.
Wolfram SystemModeler™ is a trademark of Wolfram Research Inc.

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